Meditation and relaxation are synonyms.

They mark a physically relaxed, emotionally calm state in which we sense ourselves, our thoughts and the outside world with mindful attention.

It’s a common and simple practice for self development, staying healthy and stress management that anyone can learn.

Those who practice relaxation regularly become more peaceful, mindful and creative. For those struggling with severe headaches, we have developed a free guided relaxation exercise. However you feel now, give it a try! Give yourself a few minutes to relax and listen to the Headache Relieving Relaxation.

Headache relieving relaxation

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What is relaxation and why should I learn it?

Besides the states of sleep and wakefulness there is a third important physiological state we call the relaxed state.

It is when we relax the muscles of the body, find silence in our soul, while we observe and meditate with an aware consciousness. According to scientific research, these result in numerous positive changes in our body. The majority of headaches are a result of stress, therefore practicing relaxation techniques quickly decreases headache symptoms.

What happens in our body as a result of relaxation? What is our response to relaxation?

The following results were confirmed by Harvard University researcher, Dr. Herbert Benson.

  • the oxygen supply of organs – and the brain – improves significantly, even more than during deep sleep
  • in case of high blood pressure, practicing relaxation techniques for 15-20 minutes normalizes blood pressure levels
  • our body’s lactic acid levels drop, which results in feeling better
  • the blood vessels expand, therefore blood circulation improves in the organs
  • cholesterol levels in the blood drop, the ratio of beneficial and adverse blood lipids improves for the better
  • endorphin levels increase in the blood, resulting in a higher level of pain tolerance, normalized hormone levels and generally feeling better
  • metabolism of body cells decrease by 15-20%
  • our brain produces more alpha waves, especially synchronized alpha waves, which, according to research, promotes regeneration of our body cells

Relaxation is the best natural antidote to stress, while stress and tension are the greatest enemies of our health. Scientific measurements show that 20 minutes of relaxation reduces stress approximately as much as 3 hours of sleep!

We have developed the method and series of relaxations to provide lasting relief from headache symptoms: the Headache Relief Program - HRP.

With our program of 6 progressively deepening guided relaxation exercises and workbook, you can significantly reduce your headache symptoms in just 5 days. And the results are long-lasting. If you're interested, try our free Starting Exercise!

Headache relieving relaxation

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