Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions about the HRP below. If you have any questions that are not answered on our website, feel free to contact us:

Is this really going to work?

Relaxation is proven to reduce stress. Tension headaches are usually caused by stress. Relaxation calms the voluntary and involuntary nervous system. You have probably noticed that if you are sick you tend to dose off to a light sleep. Dosing off is the natural relaxation of the body, something you have already done yourself. In this state the mind enters the state of so-called alpha waves, which automatically activates the self healing mechanisms of the body. The HRP relaxations use this natural capability of your body through systematic exercises.

How am I supposed to relax when I have a strong headache?

If you are unsure, sit down and start listening to the Headache Relieving Relaxation with your eyes open, or if you have already ordered the HRP, start the Healing Forest exercise. If you have started one of the exercises and you feel it would be nice to close your eyes, do so and continue the exercise with your eyes closed. If you feel your symptoms have decreased, start the full HRP!

How do I know how long my subscription will last?

The subscription lasts for 4 weeks. During this time, you can see how long your subscription is valid on the left-hand side of the program’s page after you log in. The automatic email you receive when you register will also tell you how long your subscription is valid for.

Headache relieving relaxation

I have never done relaxation. Will I be able to learn this?

Yes, learning relaxation does not need any kind of previous training. Anybody can master it regardless of sex, age or educational background. The program relaxes the nervous system step-by-step, and it is constructed gradually, so beginner meditators can easily learn it.

How does HRP work?

HRP helps drain the stress collected in your body. Most headaches are caused by tension. This tension can be the result of physical or internal, emotional stress symptoms. The HRP exercises help in both cases. Since the brain does not feel pain, most of the migraines and headaches are internal „mental pain”. HRP helps identify and make you aware of what causes the headaches or migraines. Mental pain is usually caused by our internal conflicts. To achieve internal balance, the relaxation exercises aim to harmonize these internal disagreements.

HRP helps activate the pain-relieving hormones produced by our body. Our body produces around 50 types of pain-relieving substances. Endorphine, for example, has a stronger pain relieving effect than the strongest pain killing drug used in clinical practice, morphine. The series of relaxation exercises and the pain awareness exercises in them facilitate the production of endorphins, and directing a higher concentration of endorphins to the painful area of the body.

In our relaxations for migraines we have aimed to balance the blood pressure causing the expansion and compression of the blood vessels. At the end of the 5-day program this internal fluctuation is going to decrease, and the symptoms will ease up with it.

HRP can be used to eliminate pains that have existed for a long time and the nervous system has conditioned itself to produce them. This is actually one of the main goals of the program. To do this, we use relaxation exercises to help the nervous system relieve the headache symptom and stop producing it again. Pain is, of course, an important tool of our life and survival! HRP helps to end the headache symptoms produced internally by the mind. If you suffer an accident, that is, of course, still going to result in the natural and expected pain symptom.

How long does HRP take to work?

Give a few days to yourself and your body. While you are doing the program, your nervous system advances and your brain learns. This takes some time. By the end of the program however, all tension will be released from your nervous system. Thus the stress-based pain symptoms will soothe. If you have a long-standing migraine headache, it may take a few days to feel the ease.

After registration, you will be given access to the relaxations and a timetable with the order of the exercises. If you are already under medical supervision due to systemic disease, HRP will be an effective supplement to your medical treatment. Please note, that relaxation is not a substitute for modern medical care.

How many times should I do each exercise?

It’s enough to do the HRP relaxations once in the given order! After registration, you will be given access to the relaxations and the printable timetable with the order of the exercises.

Can I take painkillers during HRP?

Yes, of course. Take what your doctor has prescribed to you as usual. When your headache disappears as a result of the program, consult with your doctor about the necessity of the medication.

Am I doing it right?

Every relaxation exercise you try has good effects. You can’t do it wrong. If you become calmer and your pain decreases as a result of any HRP exercise, you can be sure you are doing it right. Your job is merely to close your eyes and listen to the exercises.

What pose should I be in to meditate?

In short: whatever feels good! You can sit or you can lie down. If you are taking part in HRP or wish to try the free relaxation audio, choose a position that feels good to you. If you are sitting, place your hands on your thighs with your palms upwards or downwards. Don’t cross your legs so blood can flow freely in them. If it suits you better then lie on your back during the exercise.

I keep getting distracted during the exercises. What should I do?

It is normal if your imagination strays during the exercises. Don’t worry about it! Even veteran meditators sometimes stray away or go to sleep. If you notice that your thoughts are somewhere else, take a deep breath and continue the exercise. The text of the relaxation exercises have an effect on your subconscious and your body even if your conscious mind wanders off.

Headache relieving relaxation

Should I practice HRP by myself or with others?

HRP has two main parts. The relaxation exercises can be done together by a family or members of a community. If more people in the family are affected by headaches, we recommend doing them together. The exercises of the HRP Workbook are best done alone, quietly and with focus.

I visit a psychologist, psychiatrist – can I take the HRP?

Relaxation exercises do not have harmful side effects. If you are under medical treatment with physical or mental symptoms, it is recommended to consult with your doctor about taking the program. If you are under medical treatment with headaches, HRP is a great supplement to the treatment, as the body’s self-healing functions are activated during relaxation.

I go to sleep during the exercises, what should I do?

No problem! Accept that your body needs some rest. During the first few days it is normal if you go to sleep during the exercises. Your mind and nervous system are still learning in the process. It is important, though, to follow through with the visualization exercises and the internal dialogues within the relaxations. You should learn to focus your thoughts, your imagination and repeat the positive statements. It is therefore recommended to do the exercises number 3,4 and 5 during the day in a seated position. If you often go to sleep, do the daytime exercises in an armchair. In the first few minutes this might seem uncomfortable, but after a few minutes you are not going to pay attention to this.

Headache relieving relaxation

What else can I do to get rid of my headache?

If you have been to a doctor’s checkup, accepted his/her treatment and are also taking the HRP, we recommend the following:

  • spend as much time as possible outdoors, if possible in a natural environment, walking in a garden or park
  • repeat the positive statements you heard in the exercises as often as possible
  • create a daily routine of going to sleep, getting up and organizing your days, one that works for your body
  • sweat in physical exercise every day
  • consume healthy food, chew your food well
  • discover as many happy people and events around you as possible
  • practice turning towards them in a selfless, loving way; take part in voluntary work
  • minimize your TV and phone use, quit browsing bad news in the mornings, don’t read emails in the evenings
  • avoid negative words, consider what you say about yourself, aim to talk positively about your life

If you are already under medical supervision due to systemic disease, HRP will be an effective supplement to your medical treatment. Please note, that relaxation is not a substitute for modern medical care.

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