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90% of headaches are caused by stress.

On this page we provide effective help for stress relief and lasting reduction of headache symptoms.

Do you like to relax?

Would it be worth it for You to relax and spend time looking after Yourself a few times, so that your headache symptoms are relieved for months?

Relaxation is a natural way to relieve stress. Relaxation triggers the body's healing processes and results in long-term pain relief. Relaxation is restorative and everyone can do it instinctively?

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Do you want a quick and temporary or a permanent and natural solution?

For people prone to headaches and migraines, we have developed a relaxation program that is simple, comfortable and, after a few days of practice, brings significant relief.

Your headaches will become less frequent and your symptoms will ease. This is the Headache Relief Program (HRP). The HRP consists of 6 guided relaxation exercises, a workbook and a practical schedule.

Kalóczkai Andrea

"Based on my thirty years of experience as a neurologist and twenty years of psychotherapy, I wholeheartedly recommend the HRP method to all people with chronic headaches. The method selects and uses tools from several psychotherapeutic approaches to reduce the psychological side of headaches.

The HRP method is detailed and thorough, clearly guiding you through a process. It's easy to follow - you just need to get started, dear Headache People!"

Andrea Kaloczkai, MD.

neurologist, psychotherapist

You can use the time you spend suffering from a headache to relieve it instead.

HRP offers long-term and natural headache relief to those who are willing to take conscious action for their health.

To successfully complete the HRP, all you need to do is listen to 2 pleasant relaxation exercises a day. Our guided relaxation exercises will gradually alleviate headache symptoms. Our workbook helps you uncover the psychological cause of your headaches.

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„My neurologist recommended the program as I was dealing with serious headaches and depression. I didn’t get any medication. I did the HRP program without believing in the method. My migraine disappeared after the first session! Before it only wore off after making me vomit. I don’t know what a headache is ever since. Thank you 😉 “

Agnes H.

Have you had yourself tested by medical specialists?
They couldn't help you?

Headaches can be relieved by yourself, in a relaxing and lasting way. The power to change lies within you, we provide the means. In our physical, mental, emotional unity, only an unbalanced state of the whole unity can cause 'disease, disorder, or symptom'.

The HRP relaxation exercises and workbook aim to restore the balance of the whole human entity. That is, in addition to significantly alleviating the symptoms of headaches, you will also improve the quality of your physical, mental and social life.

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What does HRP include?

Professionally designed and gradually deepening exercises for beginner and experienced meditators.

6 directed relaxation exercises, more than 2 hours of audio materials.

Printable workbook:

  • scientific, theoretical chapters
  • complex practice-oriented tasks
  • further practical suggestions

A printable table for custom scheduling of HRP

Printable Q&A those taking the HRP

How does HRP work?

The 5-day program…

  • relieves accumulated stress
  • results in higher endorphin levels and lower pain symptoms
  • normalizes blood pressure fluctuations in migraines
  • helps you find and solve the real background cause of your headache
  • relaxation brings you into a natural state of healing
  • teaches the nervous system to produce headaches less often
  • increases mental strength and energizes
  • brings inner peace and balance
  • by the end of the HRP program, symptoms are lastingly relieved and less frequent

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