What is HRP?

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The Headache Relief Program - HRP is a 5-day online relaxation program designed to provide lasting relief from headaches and migraine symptoms.

The HRP Headache Relief Program consists of 6 guided relaxation exercises and a workbook that build on each other. Listening to the audio and completing the workbook exercises in a natural, self-paced way will help relieve headache symptoms.

To successfully complete HRP, all you need to do is to listen to 2 pleasant relaxing exercises a day based on our instructions, according to your own schedule.

The well-designed, progressively deepening relaxation exercises are effective in relieving stress, alleviating and thinning the symptoms of tension headaches and migraines. They can be started and performed for headaches of any severity.

After registering for HRP, you will receive 1 month of access to more than 2 hours of audio materials.

For further help, we have also made the following downloadable for you:

  • a printable table for custom scheduling of HRP
  • a printable workbook:
    • scientific, theoretical chapters
    • complex practice-oriented tasks for every day of the five-day program
    • further practical suggestions for your earliest possible healing
  • a printable Q&A for all the important questions you might have about the program

Say goodbye to headaches and choose health.

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Or try the free Headache Relieving Relaxation to see for yourself: HRP can help you too!

Headache relieving relaxation

How does HRP work?

The 5-day program…

  • calms and tunes the brain and nervous system to health
  • relieves collected stress
  • helps you find and solve the real cause of the headache
  • teaches the nervous system to forget the headache and how to recreate it
  • results in internal peace and harmony
  • during the HRP program symptoms ease and become less frequent
  • by the end of the program regular headaches disappear

If you are already under medical control due to physical illness, HRP will be an effective supplement to your medical treatment. Relaxation does not replace modern medical care.

Trial pack

It's worth a try! A quick and effective solution to relieving your headaches with the 7-day HRP introductory package.

Price: free

Full package

30-day access to the full HRP Headache Relief Program for a lasting and natural solution.

Price: USD 19.99